Receive robust data backup and recovery services

We control the sustainability of backup data centers in any configuration by providing cloud-to-cloud, physical, and virtual data center backup and recovery solutions.

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Fast backup and recovery of data

Applify Labs provides quick, simple, and dependable data backup and recovery solutions for a broad range of organizational setups, assuring long-term, robust, expandable, and meticulously managed data security.


We provide cutting-edge multi-cloud data security services to safeguard your data across various workloads.

VMware Integration

We provide VMware connectors to secure data consistently in VM containers and various application platforms.


Data recovery and safeguarding crucial data from malware and cyber assaults are something we specialize in.


We operate tirelessly to restore your files, and restore normalcy to your organization, guaranteeing a secure work process.

Ensure your data is safe and secure with our exceptional services

It's becoming more challenging to secure the privacy and protection of your data as big data, wireless communications, and BYOD become more prevalent. Unexpected downtime can be disastrous if you don't have a solid data backup and recovery strategy.

Applify Labs reduces stress and ensures company sustainability by providing the data security you require at a reasonable price. Furthermore, keeping all of your data backed up ensures that you can retrieve it in an emergency or other catastrophic incident.

Impeccable services guaranteed

We take great responsibility for backing up your information. We are adept at organizing backups and restoring data using primary and complicated strategies and technology.

Clients trust our data backup and recovery services.

We offer fully featured data security, restoration, and retrieval services for VMs, databases, apps, Windows datastores, and containers in hybrid-cloud scenarios. Our backup and disaster recovery experts will remove the virus, erase fraudulently encoded information, and rapidly retrieve a clean version of your essential documents. Our backup and recovery tools, as well as third-party alternatives, are integrated with your existing processes.

We create reliable cloud-based backup packages hosted in our own off-site data centers, coworking sites, or a mix of hosts. We also offer Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) and disaster response services for massive datasets that handle complete, progressive, differentiated, replica, and ongoing backups.

We offer an array of data backup and recovery services that promise robust data infrastructure.

World-renowned data backup and recovery services company

Corporations and organizations soon learn three things during their everyday operations: any machine or system software may crash; anybody can make mistakes, and crises appear to strike when you least suspect them or are least confident for it. As a result, data backup and recovery are critical components of operating a profitable company. This is where we enter the picture. If you do business with us, we will assist you in quickly securing your data.

We provide local data transfer and server re-engineering alternatives to enhance and substitute record backups, on-site tape drives, and off-site server farm archiving offerings. In addition, we use two-factor identification, encryption techniques, HTTPS connectivity, and a variety of other best practices to keep your information systems safe from threat.

Now, it's time to stop thinking and start chasing your dreams. Get in touch with us and witness your dreams take off.

Data Backup and Recovery – Technology Stack

We create Data Backup and Recovery with scalable and tested technology stack to deliver apps par excellence.




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